The Snow and Your Dog Fence

How does an electric fence work when in snow season?

As winter comes upon us and snow starts falling, winter storms are inevitable. With that bears the question,  “How does an electric dog fence still work with snow that accumulates 2 – 3 feet?” 

Boundary wire does not get affected by snow at all. In fact, the only thing needed is to increase the boundary width so that it is compensates for the snow above it.

To get this done, turn the boundary width knob and increase the signal to make it stronger. 

What systems work with heavy snow the best?

You need to find a system that is the right fit for your installation size. If there are snowstorms and a lot of snow that accumulates in your area, you should choose a system that is half the rated capacity (in linear feet). This allows for you to be able to have plenty of room to boost the signal strength.  Systems that will work the best are Innotek IUC 4100 for boundaries that are 2,500 feet, or for 5,000 linear feet use the SportDOG SDF-100.

Warning: Always make sure to turn the system back down when the snow goes away. Too much can hurt your dog.

Photo by Roman Pavluv on Unsplash

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