Sportdog SDF-100A product kit

Sportdog SDF-100A

Average Price: $239 – $269
Pros: up to 100 acres, exceptional durability, collar vibration option
Cons: large collar, disposable battery
Best Uses: large properties


The SportDOG Containment Fence is a good system with a massive capacity, more than double any other system out there. This fence system also offers a very durable collar with exceptional waterproofing, and vibration warning. To go along with the 100-acre capacity, this system includes double the wire of other systems.

Hands-On Review

Durable & Waterproof But Bulky Collar

The collar on this system has excellent waterproofing, more than suitable for wet weather, the dogs can go right ahead and splash around with it on without issue. The collar is large though. It’s too big for dogs under about 20 lbs. although it is safe for dogs as little as 10 lbs. according to SportDOG.

Generic Disposable 9-Volt Battery

The collar takes a standard generic 9-volt battery. The battery is a bit of a pain to change since it’s inside the waterproof compartment kept shut by 4 screws. The good thing about the disposable 9-volt is that it lasts for ages. The collar battery can easily last 6 months or more depending on how frequently your dog challenges the boundary.

Compatibility With Some PetSafe In-Ground Fence Collars

Fortunately for those people who have very large properties but smaller dogs, the SportDOG Containment Fence is compatible with PetSafe’s in-ground fence series collars like the Elite Little Dog and the Deluxe UltraLight.

Four Correction Level Settings + Tone & Vibrate

The four correction level setting on the SportDOG Containment Fence collar are suitable for most dogs. The correction levels are progressive, so they’ll automatically ramp up the longer the dog stays in the correction zone. We really like the vibrate feature. The collar vibrates in addition to sounding the warning tone. Not only is this great for hearing impaired dogs, it’s also good for all dogs since it uses another sense to teach them the association. The collar can also be used in tone/vibrate only mode with no static correction.

Includes Short & Long Contact Points

We appreciate the inclusion of both short and long contact points in a dog fence kit. After all, why should the owners of hairier dogs have to buy them separately?

100-Acre Capacity

The SportDOG fence has the largest capacity of any dog fence out there. Capable of powering up to 100 acres, it’s the choice fence for larger rural properties time and again.

SportDOG Containment Fence Installation Supplies

The SportDOG fence comes with double the amount of wire of the other DIY dog fence kits. 1,000 ft. of factory-grade wire. This is the cheap flimsy wire that all dog fence manufacturers include to keep their costs lower. We always recommend upgrading to a better wire, but especially recommend it when planning a large installation. Looking for a wire break over 9,000 ft. of wire is no fun. Many retailers will allow you to upgrade the wire in a dog fence kit rather than wasting what came with the kit and purchasing the higher quality wire in addition.


The SportDOG Containment fence offers great value. It’s a hardy rough and tough system that can handle the largest properties.


This is our choice fence for large rural properties and wins the designation of best waterproofed collar too. The collar is too big but the compatibility with the PetSafe In-Ground collars makes it a feasible option even for households with smaller dogs.