PetSafe Stubborn Dog System product kit

PetSafe Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777

Average Price: $195 – $239
Pros: compatible with other PetSafe collars & indoor pet barrier, vibration option
Cons: large & bulky collar
Best Uses: guardian breeds and/or extra large dogs with history of difficulty in training


The PetSafe Stubborn Dog is a specialized system designed for very large dogs (over 100 lbs.) and dogs that have been bred for low pain sensitivity. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog collar is much stronger than other electric fence collars and in our experience, is rarely necessary. The system is inter-compatible with other PetSafe fence collars so it can be used in multi-dog households even where there are dogs of very different sizes find out more.

Hands-On Review

Strongest Available Collar

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog collar has the strongest correction levels of any DIY dog fence system. While these higher correction level settings may be what your very large, hard-headed pooch needs, they are way too strong for most dogs even on the lowest setting. The Stubborn dog collar corrections are about three times stronger than a normal electric dog fence receiver collar.

Large, Heavy, Brick-Like Collar

The stubborn Dog collar is 100% waterproof and very durable but it’s also very large, boxy, and heavy. The collar is much too big for any dog under 20 lbs. But we probably wouldn’t use it on any dog under about 50 lbs.

Disposable But Generic 9-volt Battery

This collar utilizes a common 9-volt battery. We generally prefer rechargeable fence collars, for convenience and cost, and as an eco-friendly option. But, generic disposable batteries are second best. 9-volt batteries can be purchased just about anywhere, you don’t need a speciality store. Changing the battery is a pain because the battery compartment screws on but this is a function of the collar waterproofing. You can expect a battery to last about 3 months under normal use.

Compatibility With Other PetSafe In-Ground Fence Collars

Like the other fences and collars in the Petsafe In-Ground series, this fence is also compatible with the other collars like the Elite Little Dog, or the Cat Fence Collar. This inter-compatibility is a convenient and unique feature of this line of PetSafe electric dog fences that make them good choices for households with more than one dog, especially when the dogs are very different in size or temperament.

Compatible With Wireless Indoor Pet Barrier (PIRF-100)

The Stubborn Dog fence collar does work with the PetSafe Indoor Pet Barrier transmitter. Using the same logic as the fence system, the collar responds to the signal from the small transmitter to keep your dog out of or away from certain areas of your home.

Four Medium-High to High Correction Level Settings

The Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence collar offers 4 static correction levels that range from medium-high to very high. The correction level settings on this collar are three times stronger than your average dog fence collar so it’s really only for those dogs who have a history of difficulty training or are traditionally low pain sensitivity breeds. This collar also has a vibration option which is helpful for hearing impaired or senior dogs and can also be used instead of the static correction.

Only Regular Contact Points Included

Oddly, the Stubborn Dog receiver only includes the standard length contact points. For a system designed to be used with large dogs who may very likely have longer fur, we think PetSafe could go ahead and include the longer contact points as well. If your dog has a longer or thicker coat, you’ll need to purchase these contact points separately.

10-Acre Capacity

The transmitter on this system is not as powerful as the Elite Little Dog or Rechargeable In-Ground system transmitters. If you have more than one dog and only one will be using the Stubborn collar, we recommend purchasing one of these other two fence kits and adding a Stubborn Dog collar to it rather than buying this fence kit and adding one of the other collars. You’ll get a more high end transmitter for almost the same price.

PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground Installation Supplies

The Stubborn Dog fence kit by PetSafe includes a 500 ft. spool of low-quality, manufacturer wire. This wire is thin and easily snapped. In addition, the jacket (or coating over the copper) is made of a thin vinyl which is rather quickly compromised by temperature changes, water, and even rodents. No matter which dog fence system you choose, we recommend upgrading to a high quality, longer-lasting perimeter wire to avoid having to mess with wire breaks and damage down the road. Check out this 14-gauge eXtreme Dog Fence wire.

Includes External Surge Protection

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence comes with a factory-grade surge protector. We like the inclusion of the surge protector although we prefer a higher quality surge protector like this one. Different from your household power strip style surge protection, this electric dog fence surge protector has ports for the perimeter wire in addition to the power supply cord. It will protect against power main surges and due to nearby lightning strikes.


We find this fence offers minimum value. There’s only one situation where we recommend this fence and it’s a single-dog household with a very large or ‘hard-headed’ dog. The price is reasonable, but unless you need the heavy duty collar, there are much better systems out there.


An ok fence made for one and only one situation. For multi-dog households with one ‘stubborn dog’ we’d recommend going for one of the other systems that is compatible with the Stubborn Dog collar and then just adding the collar alone. The transmitter on this system is outdone by the transmitter used in the compatible Elite Little Dog and the Rechargeable In-Ground fence kits.