Could an Electric Dog Fence Work for You?

When an electric dog fence is installed properly, all that is needed is proper training. They have a very high success rate that is higher than 90%. Complete and proper training becomes the largest factor in the success of an electric dog fence.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide if an electric dog fence will work for you and your dog.

Will you be able to spend about 15 minutes a day for at least 1 week training your dog?

To make sure that your electric dog fence is a successful undertaking, you just need to help your dog understand how it works. Your dog will need three 15-minute sessions every day for two weeks in order to become trained properly.

Does your yard measure at least 15 feet by 15 feet? 

So that your fence will function properly and for you to have enough space for your dog to safely move around within the boundary, your yard will need to be at least 15’ x 15’.

Do you have a power source nearby?

A power source is always needed for an electric dog fence. This can exist inside the home, garage, shed, barn or any weatherproofed area. Should you have no accessible power source, you will be unable to install the electric dog fence.

Does your dog show aggressive behavior towards people or other animals?

If you answered yes to this question, an electric dog fence is NOT right for your dog. This is because an electric dog fence is not a safe way to contain dogs that show aggressive behavior towards people or other animals. A safer way of containing dogs with aggressive behavior is to mount the electric dog fence on an existing traditional fence.

Is your dog either unhealthy or pregnant?

Electric dog fences are not designed for dogs that are either pregnant or unhealthy. If your dog happens to be pregnant, wait until she has had the pups and has cared for them before introducing her to the electric dog fence.

If your dog has become temporarily ill or injured, you should wait until he has become completely healthy again before you start training him on the electric dog fence. If your dog is very elderly or chronically ill, you should speak with your veterinarian to make sure it is right for them.

Photo by Eddy Lackmann on Unsplash

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