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What Is An Electric Dog Fence?

An electric dog fence is a way to contain your pet within a predetermined area, without having to erect a physical boundary like a traditional fence. Controlled electronically, an electric dog fence establishes an invisible boundary that your dog learns to respect.

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An electric dog fence consists of three components: a physical wire or a wireless signal, a transmitter, and a special receiver collar that your dog wears. The dog fence wire is either planted on top of the ground or buried beneath it. The placement of the wire determines the exact location of the border where your dog is not allowed to cross. In the case of a wireless dog fence, a signal created by a wireless transmitter replaces the wire.

The special collar that your dog wears communicates with the transmitter and in turn with the wire. When your dog approaches the boundary, he or she will hear an audible tone through the collar. This acts as a warning, letting your dog know not to go any further. Should your dog continue to walk toward the boundary, he will receive a mild static correction through his collar. Completely harmless, the static shock feels similar to walking across the carpet in your socks and then touching a doorknob.

After you work with your dog over a few weeks training him on the fence, he will begin to learn where he can and cannot go. During the training process, flags placed along the border will serve as a visual reminder to your dog.

In-Ground Dog Fence vs Wireless Dog Fence

There are two types of electric dog fences, wired and wireless. Both operate under the same concept and require the same training methods to be successful. However there are some significant differences between the two. The most obvious is that a wired system requires you to create a circuit back to the transmitter by physically planting a wire around the border. With a wireless dog fence, there is nothing special you need to do to your yard.

Pros of In-Ground Electric Dog Fences

A wired, underground dog fence is as reliable as it gets. Wireless dog fences simply do not offer as reliable of a signal, no matter which one you choose. Another benefit to a wired dog fence is that unlike a wireless dog fence, the shape of your border is completely customizable.

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Cons of In-Ground Electric Dog Fences

Having a wired electric dog fence may cost you more than a wireless fence will. This will depend largely on the quality of the wire that you choose for your fence. If you use the thin, cheap wire that comes with budget systems, your electric dog fence may cost around the same as a wireless one. However, if you select a quality dog fence wire that will stand the test of time, your wired setup will cost you more than a wireless fence will.

Pros of Wireless Dog Fences

The most appreciated aspect about a wireless dog fence is how easy it is to set up. All you need to do is plug in the transmitter, set the size of your containment circle and put the collar on your dog. Sure beats spending a day outside burying a wire!

Cons of Wireless Dog Fence Systems

As mentioned, wireless dog fences do not have as reliable of a signal as wired systems do. There are several things that can cause a blockage in the transmission of the signal. One example is dense trees or heavy landscaping. Sloping within the containment area can also cause a problem, as well as any large metal structures or vehicles within the area. If your home has stucco or aluminum siding on it, this may also disrupt the signal.

In addition to this, the signal cast by a wireless dog fence only happens in the form of a circle. This means if your containment area is rectangular, a wireless dog fence is not likely to work for your property. Despite all of these limitations, there is one wireless dog fence that outperforms the rest, the PetSafe® Stay + Play.

How To Choose An Electric Dog Fence?

Choosing the right electric dog fence for you may seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Reading the dog fence reviews may help you decide. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to guide you to an electric dog fence that best suits your specific situation. Here are some aspects to consider before selecting your electric dog fence.

Step 1: Decide on Wired or Wireless

When making your decision between the two, consider your property, lifestyle and pets. Think about the landscape, the amount of land the system needs to cover, the installation process, and the reliability differences of each.

Step 2: Pinpoint the Key Features of Each System

When you are narrowing down your electric dog fence options, focus on finding a system that contains your top 3 features that you desire. For example, you may have decided that you want a rechargeable collar. You may need a system that is able to cover a large amount of land. You may have a small dog and need a dog fence that offers a collar that is extra small and lightweight. If you have several dogs, you need a system that is capable of containing multiple dogs.

Step 3: Use our Dog Fence Reviews to Assist Your Decision

It is helpful to see what other people are saying about each electric dog fence. Customer reviews are listed on each of the product pages. You can also visit our Dog Fence Reviews section, which highlights the benefits and drawbacks of each brand. This will give you an inside look into the benefits and weak points of each system.

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