Wireless Dog Fence

In the past, electric dog fences were limited to the kind that has the wire buried in the ground. This is no longer the case. Although in-ground dog fences continue to be the most reliable and customization option, a wireless dog fence is becoming more popular. For those who don’t wish to bury a wire in their yard, wireless dog fences are a great option. They are also perfectly portable for those who are going to use their containment system in the field.

Why Go Wireless?

There are many more options today with wireless dog fencing than there have been in the past. There are indoor and outdoor wireless fences. There is also remote training and tracking systems which function primarily on GPS. There has been a significant improvement in wireless technology as of late. When wireless fences first came out, there was only one option available and the signal was fairly unreliable. Today, there are several manufacturers who offer a range of technologies and beneficial features.

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If you move frequently or you are unable to bury a wire in your yard, a wireless system may be the right one for you. They are ideal for pet owners who love to travel. As they are truly portable, they can be used in RVs or mobile homes. With a wireless dog fence, you will have a transmitter, removable training flags and a receiver collar that your dog wears. There are no tools or special equipment needed to set it up.

Extra Collars for a Wireless Dog Fence

Although most systems are able to accommodate several dogs at a time, the systems generally only come with one collar. Should you have more than one dog, you simply need to purchase additional collars that are compatible with the system.

Wireless Fence Batteries and Chargers

Having a dead collar battery is the primary reason that a dog could break out of your wireless fence. This is why it is important to always have a charger or extra batteries in your possession. Check to see if the system that you chose has rechargeable batteries or if they are disposable.

Extra Wireless Fence Transmitters

Perhaps you have a larger yard than a particular wireless system allows for. You can expand the containment size by purchasing additional transmitters. To expand your system, you would install the transmitters and set the boundary size so that the two containment circles will overlap one another. This is helpful for those who have a larger or rectangular space.