What do Veterinarians Say about Electric Dog Fences?

According to veterinarians, trainers and behaviorists, electric dog fences are not just physically safe for your dog, but they also help them emotionally. It turns out that 95% of veterinarians would recommend electric dog fence systems to their clients as a way to safely and effectively contain their dog.

A study was conducted by the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine in the 1980’s to determine how safe the electrical stimulation and collar points are. What the study found was that there was no evidence of any skin injury, nor was there any interference with the dog’s cardiac system. Tuskegee University agreed when they conducted a similar study in 2003. They found there to be no lingering adverse physiological effects.

Unspent energy is the enemy of a dog

According to top trainers and veterinarians, unspent energy is the enemy of a dog that is well-behaved. When dogs do not get the regular exercise they need, they can develop behavior problems. These issues with behavior can cause the owner to become stressed and frustrated, which only makes the problem worse. When someone has a busy lifestyle, it isn’t always an option to take the dog for the run that it needs at the end of a long day. When you have an electric dog fence, this allows the dog the space that he needs to run off the leash and have the exercise that he needs after being inside all day. When the dog is free to run, explore and play, he may become more relaxed and easier to live with.

Some animal behaviorists and veterinarians also say that fences help satisfy a dog’s instinctual sense of boundaries and territory. Even in the wild, dogs are territorial and live within a set of boundaries. An electric dog fence helps your dog understand the boundaries, feel secure within them, and assured that things that don’t belong inside will stay out. Although a traditional fence establishes boundaries, they stop the dog from being able to observe what is happening on the other side of the fence. This can leave the dog feeling nervous and may encourage him to try and escape.

An electric dog fence is a way to create secure boundaries without covering up the senses that he needs to understand his environment.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

Electric Fences for Dogs
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