SportDOG® Review

The SportDOG® In-Ground system is ideal for people who have properties that are too large for the other top systems. Designed specifically for large, rural properties, the SportDOG® in-ground electric dog fence can handle up to 100 acres. It also can handle any number of dogs, and you are able to give each of them their own individualized correction settings. You just need to purchase additional collars for each of the extra dogs. This system is designed for longevity.The hearty, waterproof collar is sturdy and strong but it is also rather bulky. Another drawback is that the collar is not rechargeable. However, it works with a standard 9-volt battery which are easy to get your hands on. Because of its superior waterproofing, you will need a screwdriver to access the battery compartment. The good thing is that your dog can easily swim with it on and you will have no problems.

Its correction mode settings are controlled at the transmitter box. It lets you choose a warning only mode, correction only mode or a warning and correction mode. It has a frequency adjustment on the transmitter, so that if there is a neighboring electric dog fence, it won’t interfere with the signal. It also has a grounding terminal, which is helpful for those who have large rural properties that are subject to frequent lightning strikes.