One-Year Containment Guarantee


We are pleased to offer you this one-year containment guarantee on all of our Pro-Grade systems. What does this mean for you? With Electric Fences for Dogs, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you purchase one of our high-quality Custom Pro containment systems, we guarantee that it will successfully contain your dog. If you find the fence isn’t working for your dog, we promise to exchange the transmitter and collar for a system that will work for you.

Our dog fence experts are here to help you pick out the right fence for your dog, but if it happens that within a year the fence is not strong enough for your dog for example, we will make it right for you and work out an exchange for one that will.


  • We offer Guaranteed Containment for 1 Year from the original date of purchase of your Custom Pro in-ground dog fence*
  • Free Phone/Live Chat/Email Support (both technical support and training support)
  • Free Upgrades/Modifications to your current system**
  • We offer you a Money Back Guarantee. We will return your money minus the cost of wire, shipping and a 25% restocking fee***
  • Because wireless containment systems are rather unreliable, we DO NOT offer the one-year containment guarantee on wireless dog fences.

*Proper installation and training is required for there to be guaranteed containment on any system. We reserve the right to deny benefits of our 1-year containment guarantee if the customer hasn’t completed proper installation and training.

**We offer free upgrades and modifications at our discretion. We reserve the right to determine the need for any upgrade or modification.

***We only give refunds if we have exhausted all possible options for improving the success of the system, including but not limited to upgrades and phone support. The customer has to agree to cooperate in regards to additional training and advice.