How Much Does An Electric Dog Fence Cost?

It remains no doubt that dogs need to run free and play off-leash in order to be healthy and happy. This goes for the small as well as for the large dogs also. One of the most effective and popular solutions in today’s time is dog fences. Installed on the surface underground or invisible dog fence has been a great savior.

It is way cheaper than the conventional wood, chain or vinyl link fence as it remains underground and you cannot see it whole. Though, the cost, training requisites and the possibility of failure are barely discussed.

This post talks about the facts of how much an electric dog fence costs.

Cost of Invisible Electric Dog Fence

The typical cost for installing an invisible dog fence varies between $950- $1500. There are several factors that constitute the overall cost of a dog fence installed beneath the ground surface. They are

·         The cost of the collar

·         The quality of the wiring

·         The size of the property

·         The quality of the voltage meter

In case you have got a large and strong dog, or in case you have multiple dogs that vary in sizes, you will certainly want to have more than one correction level to custom-design the corrections for the pets. Now, if you have a 20-pound pug or 60-pound lab, you need to have a system that can work for both the dogs and not to mention, such systems are expensive.

Other Factors that Also Determine the Cost of Electric Fence

Once the invisible dog fence is installed, you need to start training the dog. In most of the cases, invisible dog fence companies ask for an additional $500 for training the dog; of course, the charges vary from company to company. This means that for an average pet owner, the overall cost of installing a dog fence will come around $2,000 that comes with the training. Then comes the batteries that will also cost around $100 every year. But if you want, you can save considerably by following DIY tips to train your dog. It will help you to save somewhere between $350-$400.

Cost Estimation Based on the Size

The best thing about an invisible fence is that you can take it on any random size or the preferred shape. You can have one to edge the front of the lawn, courtyard or the whole of the property. Installing an underground dog fence system might have a controlled reach, but at the same, you have the possibility to extend the wired system just by buying additional wires.

Irrespective of the type of fence you choose or buy, you will most possibly likely pay around $1.75to $2.75 per linear foot. Now, this makes the usual can cost $2.25 per linear foot. Please note that this is an estimated price that also includes the labor and overall cost of the materials.

You can use the average cost to calculate the budget estimate you need for the project depending on the size. In the US, the average lot size is around 12,632 square feet. In case you want to enclose the property of said perimeter, you would need 448 linear feet approximately, and it will cost around $1,008 in total. Similarly, a small lot of 6,098 square feet will require 312 linear feet of underground fence, and it will cost around $702.

What Else to Consider?

Along with the size and other minute details, there are several other factors that you must consider before buying and installing an underground dog fence for your pet. Of course, this will keep your pet safe and sound from unwanted threats or danger.

You must consider how many pets you have and whether you want to go for the wireless or in-ground fence. Also, you should be considerate about the special features that you want to be in the fence. Some fences also offer protection against power outages, and these come at an additional cost.

When you are buying an electric dog fence for your dog, you must get it from a professional and reputed brand to get the best product quality. In addition to that, you will also get the best customer support from them to make the most of the fence and get support when needed.

So, now that you are aware of the costs of the dog fence along with other useful stuff make sure to get on for your pet depending on your requirements and ensure the utmost safety for your dog. Please share your feedback or queries regarding the post below in the comment section.

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