Dog Training Collars

Have you ever heard of dog training collars? These collars are devices which allow you to reinforce commands and correct unwanted dog behaviors from a distance. The idea behind a training collar for dogs is that the stimulation the dog receives serves as a distraction that your dog will dislike. By obeying your command or ceasing the undesirable behavior, your dog will quickly learn to stop getting the correction.

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Dog Training Collars

A shock collar for dogs can come in several different varieties. There are bark collars, remote training collars and electric dog fence collars.

No matter the purpose, dog training collars involve the dog receiving a static correction, through two metal contact points located on the dog’s receiver collar. The idea behind the static correction is that the stimulation serves as a distraction that the dog finds undesirable. Depending on the type, it is used for several different purposes.

One type of electric shock collar for dogs is a bark collar. When it comes to bark collars, the best shock collar for dogs should be activated only when two actions happen at the same time.

The first is that the collar must hear the sound of the dog’s bark. The second is that the collar needs to detect the vibration of the dog’s vocal cords. The dog won’t receive a correction until both of these things happen at the same time. This is to make sure that the dog doesn’t get corrected for an extraneous noise such as a different dog barking.

Dog training collars can also come in the form of a remote shock collar for dogs. One such use are shock collars for hunting dogs. Remote trainers are used for two reasons. The first is to teach the dog basic obedience commands. The second way these type of remote shock collars for dogs are used is to stop the dog from participating in bad behaviors.

A shock collar for small dogs should be a smaller size, just for him. The correction levels should also be toned down, as a small dog only requires a low level of correction. The best shock collars for dogs are lightweight, and sized down properly to fit the type of dog that you have. There are shock collars for small dogs that can be used to curb barking, as well as remote trainers to help your dog stop jumping on people, for example.

Conversely, shock collars for large dogs will need to be sized larger to fit a larger neck and the correction levels will need to be higher than normal. The best shock collar for large dogs can handle even the most stubborn breeds.

An electric dog fence is another example of when you would need shocking collars for dogs. Electric dog fences work like this. You create a boundary around your yard with a wire, usually buried underground. A transmitter is placed inside the home, which through a radio signal communicates to the wire. Your canine is then fitted with a special shock collar for dog.

When the dog begins to approach the wire, he will hear a tone to let him know he shouldn’t go any further. Should he continue on, he will receive a mild static shock through two metal contact points attached to the collar that are touching the dog’s neck.

Whether the collar is for an electric dog fence, a training collar or a bark collar, the metal contact points are the means in which the electric shock collars for dogs delivers the static shock. Are you concerned that the static shock is going to cause your dog pain? Not to worry. What your dog feels is the equivalent to you running across the carpet in your socks and then touching a doorknob. You see, it isn’t something you want but most wouldn’t call it a painful experience.

No matter what kinds of dog training collars you are looking for, it is a good idea to read through several shock collar for dogs reviews to see which were rated the most comfortable and easy to use.

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